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With the aid of the Italian government, UNESCO decided to come to the aid of young Africans by means of vital information to stop them from engaging in to risky trip abroad through illegal emigration. In a 3day workshop that was organized in Hotel la Falaise in Douala, some Journalists form all media landscape were drill by experts on means of conducting investigative journalism so as to unmask immigration networks that lure young Africans into the deadly nets of immigration business.  

Over the years African youths have lost their lives trying to enter Europe for an Eldorado that they only see on television or through pictures and fake stories of which they know nothing about its realities. In desert routes and in sea routes, heartbreaking images have been seen of young Africans ranging from 18 to 35 dieing by trying to move to an imaginary Eldorado.

Even though the very lucky once are seen caught by organized armed bands, given very inhuman treatment and sold for slaves, some still dream of going. All this because the lack information about the opportunities enchained in their own countries.  This is the point that UNESCO wishes to make though media men and women, empower young African with enriching information to brighten their future while staying in their fatherland with dignity.


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