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A collective of teachers have decided to take on a strike action in schools all over the republic to restore teaches dignity.

Consequent to yet another physical assault on a teacher, this time by female District Officer in Government Bilingual High School Ayos (center Region), teachers have decided to take on a strike action known as the “no chalk day” on the 29th of January in all schools in the county asking authorities to give an exemplary sanctions to whosoever assaults a teacher at their work. The action consist of not teaching that whole day.

The Ayos District Officer erupted in the Secondary school unannounced with the aim of controlling the uniform of students, which was not at all her work. After checking in other classes and destroying the uniform that she thought improper for students, she then moved to the most senior class of the high school where the students were taking a philosophy evaluation with their teacher in class. When she arrived, the teacher told her that she could not carry out her checkup at that moment because the students were writing a test, but the DO asked the teacher to walk out, what he refused. So she gave him a slap in front of the students and asked the gendarme that were accompanying her to take him and lock him up what they did.

This case was coming up just after a weak that a teacher was stabbed by his student in the Nkolbisson Secondary School still in Yaoundé. Before then were many other cases of teachers physically assaulted in other parts of the country either by the parents of their students or by some over zealous authority.

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