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SUDAN: Evicted ex-president in court

SUDAN: Evicted ex-president in court

It was in a highly protected court yard that began yesterday hearings for Omar el Beshir, ejected Sudanese former dictator on charges of murder and corruption. The politician admitted to have received 90 million dollars cash from Soudi Arabia, but precise that the money was destined for emergencies that is country had to handle at the time. His lawyers affirm that hearings have been going on well and that for the mean time it was for the accusing side to talk. “By next week it will be our turn to talk. But all the same we are very optimistic, though there is an enormous negative media campaign against Omar el Beshir” said one of his lawyers.  “There are excessive accusations they say the president has stolen money left and right, that he has transfer money from one direction to another. There is a monumental judgment going on out there, but what is happening inside here is different” “in cases like this we need proofs, but up to now there court has not provided any”

Destituted from power the 11th of April 2019 by an unprecedented public manifestation that lasted four months, the 75year old Omar Hasan el Beshir was arrested and jailed in the kartum central prison with common prisoner. Since then he has been seen only three times going to court where he is being judged for corruption and murder, and very heavily guarded. Beshir has been in power in Sudan for 23 years (since 1993) and has ruled the country with an iron fist in a regime full of corruption,  but a simple increase in the price of bread brought him down. Lately the military that had taken control of the country but the manifesting public will not go to rest accusing the military to be of the same regime. Finally the military and the opposition leaders signed the long-awaited peace accord on the 17th of April 2019.    


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