Lidwine Meffo, young and vibrant Cameroonian lady, founder of the SMILING FOUNDATION, based in New York, USA will not have a night’s sleep on till all kids in Cameroon have books to read.

In just one month in Cameroon, this charitable organization has touch more lives than one could imagine of a young foundation of it genre. Orphanages, Churches, schools, hospitals in about 17 sites visited this September 2017, in Douala, Yaoundé and Bamenda. “We do what we are doing because we enjoy doing it”, Mre Meffo said. She intends to ameliorate the agricultural system, lend a helping hand to the health sector and above all ameliorate the educational of children. “We have noticed that there is no public library in Cameroon, and that is acceptable”.

Nine years of her life in the field doing work for the love of humanity, Lidwin Meffo decided to create SMILING FOUNDATION in 2014. Since then she has changed many lives and put smile on a lot of faces in a lot of countries in Africa in the likes of Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon just to name a few. SMILING FOUNDATION does not intend to stop just thus far.

Reporting for PNEWS : PETER TAMBE


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