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Paul Biya’s speech: Finally the long awaited national dialogue.

Paul Biya’s speech: Finally the long awaited national dialogue.

Announced two days ago that the head of state President Paul Biya was going to address the nation yesterday 10th September 2019, all curiosities were raised as to what he was going to say. The country has been going through quit a lot since a little more than 3 years now. At the time when crisis in the Northwest and Southwest were at the peak and everybody expected the president to come out with a speech he did not. This time nobody imagine what he was going to say, but there was speculations all the same.

In all gatherings, drinking spots, like in social media guesses were flowing: some said the president will talk about the NOSO crisis, others thought he will grant amnesty to the just condemned secessionist leader, while others said he will release Kamto, yet others still thought that top on the gender will be the crisis in the two English speaking region since the back to school this year has not been effective there. Then came the awaited hour, Paoul Biya touched all the issues that the country has been going through and concluded that he is calling for a national dialogue that will involve all layers of the Cameroonian society to bring out solutions to the present hard time that the country is facing. In the takes of CPDM party members like Hon Moth Samuel and Andre Luther Meka Equinox television yesterday, the President in his speed last night highly reached expectations. But to opposition member and the common man in the street, the speech was inadequate and was coming too late. They doubted that if the president was saying that the national dialogue was going to hold at the end of this month and it will involve every Cameroonian including the diaspora, when will the consultations start owing to the fact that we have just 19days left. “The president’s speech is like medicine after death. When we needed him to talk, he did not. Now our lives have been destroyed, our homes burnt, our family members killed. What will his speech change now” Lamented Mr Samuel Nji in PNEWS’ vox pop.  mean while commentaries still go on in the streets.


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