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Heavy rains will always come, that all humans know and their consequences too are not alien. But what do humans do to hide from them? At times the calamities brought by heavy rains such as floods are caused by human activities. The climatic change itself that brings torrential rains is caused by human activities. Excessive use of petroleum that produces carbon mono oxide from vehicles’ exhaust pipes rise in the sky to deplete the ozone layer, the chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) found in air-conditioners and refrigerators which are extremely harmful to the ozone layer, excessive deforestation without afforestation and a whole lot of other human activities have changed climate from what it used to be. The greater number of places where floods occurs are mostly developing countries or poor neighborhoods. This is because houses are built without town planning or the people are of low education and lack information to know that they are not supposed to empty their rubbish in gutters. And for developing countries, they have become to hot, because a lot of their trees have been cut down, so they are forces to use fridges and refrigerators. All these things have changed their climate. Consequently in Cameroon for instance, the rainy season use to be from April to mid-October, but now it extends to the month of November, and the dry season in very hot with temperature ranging from 26o C (degree centigrade) to 30.9o C.

Lately more than usually significant heavy rains and floods case with human casualties have been registered in Cameroon. In the Western Regional Capital town of Bafoussam, 43 people died late October due to lands light caused by torrential rains. Still in the western region there have been cases of flood in Coutaba in the Noun and also in Kekem. Though there was no human casualty, there was a lot of material damage. Earlier on the 4th of the same month of October, about 70 000 people (according to VOA) were rendered homeless in the Far-North of Cameroon due to heavy downpour. The rain cost the river Logon and Shari to overflow its banks and got roads inundated, bridges damaged. The water rose to about 30m and covered farmlands bringing an enormous agricultural disaster. The fear of famine looms in the area. The tentacles of floods did not spare the metropolitan town of Douala. Due to its very dense population, houses are built haphazardly, drainage are blocked and when rains come it is not a surprise that calamities follow.

However, not only Cameroon has monopolize the scene of floods this rainy season. Many countries in Africa were affected as well. About 13 of them at times with heavy human casualty.


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