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DR Congo: Is President Felix Tshisekedi hostage to his predecessor?

DR Congo: Is President Felix Tshisekedi hostage to his predecessor?

Felix Tshisekedi who was sworn in January 24th as DR Congo’s fifth President after is victory in the December 30th 2017 presidential election does not seem to be having a very smooth rule like the public could think. With a week representation in the National Assembly of tens of parliamentarians less than his predecessor Joseph Kabila, the new president did not have an easy task choosing a prime minister from which the country’s government could be formed.

The Pro-Tshisekedi parliamenterians group Cach (Cap for Change), being the minority in the assembly do not intend to stoop low and watch things go against their will. They accused the pro-Kabila parliamentarian group FCC (Common Front for Congo) of “contempt” and “insulting words towards the current president” during Friday afternoon debate in the house of Assembly. The debate was brought up by the pro-Kabila parliamentary group who criticized two appointments made by President Tshisekedi, especially the appointment of 80years old Antoine Gabriel Kyungu wa Kumwanzaas board chair of the Congolese National Rail Way cooperation. (SNCC) “It is common knowledge that the house of Assembly is not the place to debate the administrative acts of the President of the Republic,” pro-Tshisekedi law makers argued on Saturday in a political statement. “This initiative by our colleagues in the opposite side to debate orders signed by the President of the Republic is unacceptable and unconstitutional,” they added, recalling that “the head of state is politically not responsible before the National Assembly”

It is worth noting that with 288 members of Assembly to 312 for former president Kabila, things were not at all going to be easy for his presidency. The FCC pro-Kabila will always want to grab a higher number and most important ministerial portfolios, which is similar to Kabila giving away the seat of president but kept the power.


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