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CAMEROON: neighborhood insecurity fast becoming rampant

CAMEROON: neighborhood insecurity fast becoming rampant

Panic stroke the inhabitants of the Douala II sub district neighborhoods of Nkololun in Newbell, Camp Yabassi and Ngomsoua as dozens of angry young men paraded the streets with machetes, knives and bars of wood regressing shops and passerby. Many quarters in Douala II sub district were taken hostage for 3day, between Thursday 31st October to Saturday 2nd by the hoodlums. Report says that the neighborhood gang fight that erupted from two young men of the different quarters fighting for one girl left many people injured. The defeated young man from Gomsoua quarter went home and call for his gang of friend who came to give a snake beating to the other guy in the Newbell quarter. In return, the Newbell boys who will not accept boys from a different quarter to come and molest somebody in their own quarter came out with machetes and it was and uncontrollable rampage. The police that were call to the seen were quickly overpowered by the high number of armed youths. There is a lot of material damage registered.

Over the weekend the Governor of the Littoral Region Samuel Ivaha Diboa held an urgent crisis meeting with other authority of the Region such as the Senior District Officer, the District Officer, the Quarter Heads and traditional rulers to take serious majors in order to prevent the occurrence of such incidents in future. After a similar incident took place in Obala and Sangmelima in the Southern region of Cameroon, this time it is the turn of Douala in the littoral. Moving in most neighborhood in Douala now is not very safe immediately night falls, at times even in brought daylight.


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